Meet the creator of College Cafiteria

Proud Rutgers student- RU RAH!

Hello, and welcome to College Cafiteria! I’m Courtney, and I’m so happy you’re here.

I was inspired to create College Cafiteria after my first semester of college. It might sound crazy, but one of the hardest parts of transitioning into college for me was not the living away from home part, or the stressful workload part. It was the food! After a few weeks of eating dining hall food, I began noticing a change in my energy level. Eating the food in the dining hall made me tired and gave me stomach aches. When I found out that some of the nutrition facts of food were posted on the school’s website, I decided to check them out out of curiosity. I was shocked to see how unhealthy the food was! Many of the cooked foods at my school’s dining hall were extremely high in sodium and cholesterol. I’m sure that students at other schools would love to eat the food served in my dining hall, because it actually does taste good. But it’s also extremely unhealthy.


After reading the few nutrition facts posted, I tried to eat only raw foods and vegetables from the salad bar which I knew were guaranteed to be healthy. But day after day of eating the same food left me miserable. I didn’t want to look at another lettuce leaf again!

When I came home for break, I was determined to find a solution to my problem. There was no way I was going back to school if it meant eating pounds of apples and bananas everyday. After some research online, I discovered a brilliant idea- college dining hall hacks!


Many of the “hacks” that I found were for college students that disliked the options in the dining hall because of taste, and they were just as unhealthy as the cooked food in my dining hall. But I knew that with some creativity, dining hall hacks could be the answer that I had been looking for.

College Cafiteria is a blog with a collection of easy healthy “recipes” that you can make for yourself in your school’s cafeteria or in your dorm room. The recipes on this blog have been thoroughly researched, tested, and critiqued. Some of the combinations may seem strange, but I promise that they all taste good! (or at least, I think so).


I hope that my blog helps and inspires you to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. I encourage you to visit College Cafiteria through various forms of social media, and feedback/comments/questions are always appreciated! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Court, this website is amazing. I love seeing people generate such positive energy. Your passion for writing and leading a healthy style are inspiring! Keep it up!

  2. I really like your blog! It’s too easy to eat really unhealthy food in college and i’m trying my best to cook healthy food too. Looking forward to more healthy eating posts.
    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚

  3. you go to rutgers? i live pretty close to there. also, i love your blog! i dont dorm at college, but i love these ideas. i’ll definitely be trying some of them soon. keep up the awesome posts!

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