Healthy “Ice Cream” Sandwiches


I’ve been so busy the last few days and now I’m just dead tired! ย Unfortunately for some reason I can’t sleep, but on the bright side, I can brainstorm more recipe and food ideas. Here’s what I came up with- healthy “ice cream” sandwiches! Even with the cold weather I still love cold desserts. Any time is the right time for ice cream!


I went on a five mile run the other day and ate a few of these for my post run snack. They are high in protein, potassium and energy. A perfect dessert for breakfast!




I did try making one with a rice cake. It didn’t come out quite right because the rice cake gets soggy in the freezer.






Healthy “Ice Cream” Sandwiches, peanut butter flavor

Makes 8 sandwiches

Two bananas, sliced into rounds 1/4 inch thick

One container of vanilla greek yogurt, I prefer Chobani

Two tbsp unsalted creamy Trader Joe’s peanut butter

4 full size graham crackers, break into squares

Optional- chopped peanuts, for edges

Combine yogurt and peanut butter. You can mix the two in the yogurt cup. Spread a generous amount on one side of a graham cracker square. Top with four banana slices. Spread a little more of the yogurt-peanut butter mix on another graham cracker and place on top of banana slices to form a sandwich. Repeat with the rest of the ingredients. Put chopped peanuts on a flat dish and roll sides of the sandwiches in the nuts, coating the sides evenly. If you have whole peanuts you can use a blender to chop them.

I recommend freezing all sandwiches in one layer instead of piling them on top of each other. Freeze overnight, and enjoy!


Use Nutella Fruit Dip yogurt mix or mix in any of your other favorite spreads- strawberry jam, apple butter, etc.

Use sprinkles, chocolate pieces, or crumbled oreos for the sides.

If you enjoyed this recipe or have any comments or suggestions, let me know below! ๐Ÿ™‚



Healthier Egg Salad


TGIF!!! I am so happy that it is the weekend! The weather has been atrocious this week, and having to get used to classes and riding on the bus from class to class on top of it was definitely not fun. But phew! I made it!

Since I will be hibernating in doors this whole weekend to avoid the frozen wasteland that is my campus, I will be preoccupying myself by trying out new recipes to share with you all. So stay tuned!

Today for lunch, the dining hall was serving mozzarella sticks. You would not believe the line that people were waiting on to get these- it was like they were giving money away! People were eating trays full of this stuff. I wonder if they know that a serving size is a single stick.



I found this online- basically what my mom told me whenever I wanted to get mozzarella sticks, so I’m scarred for life.

But hey, that’s the point of college, right? You are a mature adult that gets to make your own choices, from what you want to major in to what you want to eat for lunch. It just so unfortunate that there are students who make unhealthy decisions that they regret later on in life.

I made myself an egg salad for lunch- so simple and so healthy! Your cafeteria may have egg salad already made, but this is a lot healthier because I used greek yogurt instead of mayo. Trust me, you can’t taste the difference! Just one tablespoon of mayo is already almost ten percent of your daily fat intake. The sodium content can add up as well. Greek yogurt is a much lighter protein-packed alternative.




I’m not one of those people that shuns egg yolks- I always laugh when I see those muscle guys in the dining hall meticulously scraping out the yolk from hard boiled eggs because they want pure protein and no fat. But yolks are so good for you! They have tons of nutrients like calcium, protein, and many vitamins. They have healthy fats that your body needs. That’s why I left the yolks in. But you can absolutely make this with just egg whites if you want.


Healthier Egg Salad

one serving, enough for a sandwich

3 hard boiled eggs, or the whites of four hard boiled eggs

3 tbsp of plain greek yogurt, or 2 generous soup spoons full- you can add more or less depending on your preference, if you like it drier or creamy

1 tsp mustard, dijon works best but any kind will suffice

salt and pepper to taste

optional- paprika, cayenne pepper, hot sauce


Chop the hard boiled eggs. I recommend using a soup bowl so that the eggs don’t roll all over. You don’t have to cut them perfectly, but make sure that the pieces are relatively similar in size. Mix in the yogurt, mustard, salt and pepper, and spices. You can eat the salad by itself, on lettuce, or in a wrap or sandwich. I ate mine on multigrain bread with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Yum!

Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Let me know below!